PVMGA July 2016 results

Bob Armstrong, Publicity

Here we are, entering the dog days of summer, with monsoons now occasionally interrupting the monotony of sun-drenched, blistering afternoons. Meanwhile, in the slightly cooler early morning hours, battles are taking place on the links of Palo Verde.

On July 16, a Team Stableford contest was won with a score of 82 by Bud Murray, Ron Crabtree, Norm Elbery and Vaughn Torgusen.

On July 23, two three-man teams prevailed with scores of 80 in a 3-2-1 event. The victors were Gary Whiting, Richard Hair and Ray Masuda, and Jack Hill, Adrian Barber and Jeff Martin.

On July 30, a second Team Stableford encounter was tied with scores of 80 points. The winning teams: Gene Wenger, Arve Moser, Ray Masuda and Larry Chidester, and Ed Johnson, Don Hicks, Jeff Martin and Vaughn Torgusen.

On August 6, with a score of 102, a Two Net Best Ball battle was won by John Mitchell, Bob Mansfield, Ken Nelson and Tom Burns.

Upcoming scheduled morning events:

September 3: Two Man Team One BB Net Flighted

September 10: Select-a-Drive Two BBs Net – Lunch and Meeting to follow

September 17: Stableford Individual Net Flighted

September 24: One Gross plus Two Net (Ace of Aces)

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