PVMGA Playday Results

Jerry Davis, 2023 PVMGA Club Champion

Bill Lewis, 2023 PVMGA Masters Champion

Jeff French

It was a full calendar of events for this month’s PVMGA. This month’s play included a couple of 2 Net BB Ace of Ace’s Qualifiers, a Member/Member event, a two-day Home/Home event with the Oakwood Country Club men, and finished up with the two-day PVMGA Club Championship.

Feb. 4 – 2 Net BB and Ace of Ace’s Qualifier

1st Place: Mike Lorimor, Denny Golden, Marty Goldman, Dick Thomas

2nd Place: Gregg Lorimor, Ben Caviness, Sid Cook, Rick Onken

3rd Place: (tie) Terry Kohler, Lee Brechtel, Ken Nelson, Ron Trost/Gary Whiting, Jim Adzima, Jim Gardner, Len Rosati

Feb. 11 – Member/Member 2-Man Select-A-Drive

Flight 1: 1st John Kane and Mike Pasternak, 2nd (tie) Mike Lorimor and Marko Sowa/Dale Falk and Scott Price/Ron Kiel and Mike Mylnarczyk

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Don Hicks and Dick Howell/Rick Nelson and Brad Wilson

Flight 3: 1st (tie) John Allen and Danny Jetton/Phil Hollevoet and Marty Neilson/Steve Field and Jeff Martin

Feb. 18 – 2 Net BB’s Ace Of Ace’s Qualifier

1st: Randy Berner, Lee Brechtel, Rick Nelson, and Brad Buell

2nd: Bob Brabant, Dennis Barber, Rick Nelson, and Larry Merkl

Feb. 25 – Oakwood/Palo Verde Home & Home 2 BB’s Net

1st: Ward Stone, Daniel Kiska, Mitch Berger, and Richard Koon

2nd: Ron Reach, William Knack, Glen Harry, and Bill Lewis

3rd: Dan Muth, Dennis “Bud” Hewitt, Bruce Medhurst, and a blind draw

PVMGA Only Afternoon Play – 2 Net BB’s

1st: Pat Duncan, Dick Haynes, Jeff Martin, and a blind draw

2nd: Steve Vandergriff, Rick Nelson, Joe Lombardo, and Ben Caviness

March 4 and 5 – 2023 PVMGA Club Championship

Jerry Davis, 2023 Club Champion

Dan Ashley, 2023 Runner-Up

Bill Lewis, 2023 Masters Champion

Flight 1: 1st Jerry Davis, 2nd Dan Ashley, 3rd Mike Lorimor

Flight 2: 1st Mitch Berger, 2nd Steve Ryland, 3rd Mike Pasternak

Flight 3: 1st Don Peterson, 2nd Rick Nelson, 3rd Tom Gartner

Flight 4: 1st Fred Townsend, 2nd Joe Byrne, 3rd Barry Walcker

Flight 5: 1st Bob Kruse, 2nd John Allen, 3rd Gary Zahnow