PVMGA Playday Results

2023 PVMGA John Dobson Memorial Member/Guest winners Rick Nelson and Jerry Cisneros

Jeff French

April play for the PVMGA was a full calendar of events highlighted by the 2023 John Dobson Memorial Member/Guest Tournament, which is a two-day event with lunches served both days after play for both the players and their invited guests. There were 56 teams participating in this highlight event of the year. Additional play for the month also included two weeks of Match Play and the annual two-day Ryder Cup with the Cottonwood Men’s Club.

April 1-2 Member Guest Results

1st place: Rick Nelson and Jerry Cisneros

2nd place: Jeff Martin and Richard Schmidt

3rd place: Bob Butt and Rich Pavlak

4th place: Paul Jorgensen and Michael Moore

5th place: Rich Sorensen and Richard Hawkes

April 8 Pick Your Partner 1 Best Ball Net

Flight 1:

1st place: Mike Mlynarcyzk and Ron Kiel

2nd place: (tie) Dick Howell and Glen Martisen/Bob Braband and Bill Cheney/Mike Rufert and Paul Jorgenson/Gregg Lorimor and Jim Adzima

Flight 2:

1st place: Rick Nelson and Dick Haynes

2nd Place (tie): Pete Gorman and Joe Lombardo/Wes Davis and Arv Moser

Flight 3:

1st place: Scott Salmonson and Bob Kruse

2nd place: Bob Torres and Barry Walcker

April 15 and 22 Match Play

Flight 1:

Champion: Gary Whiting

Runner-Up: Chuck Guillaume

Semi’s: Marko Sowa and Bob Kittle

Consolation Winner: Pat Duncan

Consolation Runner-Up: Mike Lorimor

Flight 2:

Champion: Rick Nelson

Runner-Up: Jim Cain

Semi’s: Terry Kohler and Danny Jetton

Consolation Winner: Peter Gorman

Consolation Runner-Up: Ben Caviness

Flight 3:

Champion: Ken Verbeck

Runner-Up: Cliff Joyes

Semi’s: Joe Byrne and John Byczko

Consolation Winner: Ron Cox

Consolation Runner–Up: Jeff French

Flight 4:

Champion: Phil Hollevoet

Runner-Up: Glen Harry

Semi’s: Don Hicks and Barry Walcker

Consolation Winner: Fred Townsend

Consolation Runner-Up: Tom Hall

Flight 5:

Champion: Ken Nelson

Runner-Up: Al Baumgartner

Semi’s: Ron Grost and Bob Kruse

Consolation Winner: Adrian Barber

Consolation Runner-Up: Gary Zahnow

Flight 6:

Champion: Richard Koon

Runner-Up: Bob Torres

Semi’s: Gary Assenmacher and John Kuchers

Consolation Winner: John Allen

Consolation Runner-Up: Richard Hair

April 29 and 30 CMGA/PVMGA Ryder Cup

This annual two-day event was played at Cottonwood on Saturday and Palo Verde on Sunday. Each of the 24 two-man teams played head-to-head matches with three points available for each match; one point for the front nine, one point for the back nine, and one point for total with a half point for ties.

Saturday’s play at Cottonwood was a select-a-drive 1 net best ball for each team. PVMGA led 42 points to Cottonwood’s 32 points after this first day with 14 Palo Verde teams winning their matches, Cottonwood winning eight matches, and two matches tied.

Sunday’s play at Palo Verde was a 1 net best ball, and PVMGA finished with the overall winning points total for the two days of 84 total points versus 60 points for CMGA to retain the Cup for another year.