PVMGA Scores and Events

Palo Verde/Sun Lakes Country Club Home and Home winners: Rob Spade, Bill Schumacher, Roy Parfit, and Bill Smith

Jeff French

December play for the PVMGA started the month with a Home & Home event with the Ironwood Men’s Club hosting on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at Ironwood Country Club followed by Palo Verde hosting on Saturday, Dec. 9, at Palo Verde. Play for the event included a Select-a-Drive 2 Net BB on Tuesday and a 4-Man Scramble on Saturday.

1st: Bob Brabant, Richard Thomas, Ward Stone, Marty Neilson

2nd: Rich Popham, Chuck Carothers, Jeff French, Bruce Medhurst

3rd: John Mitchell, Gayle King, Kevin McCarthy, Phil Hollevoet

The Dec. 16 game was a flighted 2-Man Scramble followed by lunch at the Palo Verde restaurant and annual meeting for the election of officers.

2024 PVMGA election of officers: President Mike Rufert, Vice President John Mitchell, Secretary Bob Torres, Treasurer Chuck Carothers

Flight 1: 1st Marko Sowa and Mike Pasternak, 2nd Chuck Guillaume and Dennis Barber, 3rd John Mitchell and Bruce Medhurst

Flight 2: 1st Duane Enzminger and Tom Jeub, 2nd Barry Walcker and Richard Koon, 3rd (tie) Pat Corcorand and Dick Thomas/John Byczko and Warren Ball/Gerald Kirby and Jim Davis

Dec. 23 play was a 2-Man Best Ball Net game.

1st (tie): John Mitchell, Ron Cox, Cliff Joyes, Chuck Carothers/Pat Curran, Jeff French, Blind Draw, Phil Hollevoet

A special congratulations to Marko Sowa and John Kane for each getting a hole-in-one during today’s play. Marko got his on hole number 12, and John on hole number 6. Way to go, guys!

Dec. 30 was a flighted Pick-Your-Partner 2-Man Net Best Ball.

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Mike Lorimor and Marko Sowa/Christian Stokes and Brad Wilson, 3rd Jerry Davis and Tom Rainville

Flight 2: 1st Lee Hood and Ken Verbeck, 2nd (3-way tie) Wes Davis and Arve Moser/Dale Falk and Steve Field/Bruce Medhurst and Gerald Kirby

Flight 3: 1st Phill Hollevoet and Bob Butt, 2nd Rick Onken and Richard Hair, 3rd (4-way tie) Sid Cook and Kick HollenBaugh/Ken Nelson and Allan Duncan/Dennis Grendahl and Bill Smith/Al Mattern and Duane Enzminger

We finished out the month with another Home & Home played with the Sun Lakes Country Club men on Thursday, Jan. 4, at SLCC and Saturday, Jan. 6, at Palo Verde. Each day of play was followed by lunch and refreshments at the respective club. The four-man teams, combined with players from each club, played a 2 Net BB on Thursday at SLCC and then a 4-Man Scramble on Saturday at Palo Verde.

Combined two-day total results:

1st: Rob Spade, Roy Parfit, Bill Schumacher, Bill Smith

2nd: Mike Makowski, John Mihelich, Al Baumgartner, John Sebela

3rd: Walter Nowicki, Rick Nelson, Bud Murray, Don Reese

Upcoming February play will include two different Ace of Aces qualifier play on Feb. 3 and Feb. 17 in addition to a Member/Member Select-A-Drive on Feb. 10. End of the month will be another two-day Home & Home event with Oakwood Men’s Club on Feb. 22 and Feb. 24.

2024 Member/Guest sign-up in Palo Verde Pro Shop begins early February! This event fills up, so be sure to sign up early. This year’s three-day event will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 5, 6, and 7. Details on the schedule of events will be available with the Pro Shop sign-up.