Rain Rain Go Away – let the Cottonwood Lady Niners play

Diana De Pree

The Cottonwood Lady Niners had a large group formed to listen to a brief meeting and meet our 10 new players.

We were all very excited to get out and swing the club for the first event of the season. However, the weather came into play more than the game, and most of the golfers took to the Clubhouse. We did have one group that finished and therefore took home some extra money. Congratulations for Low Net: Flight 1 (11-16) was Nancy Gehlbach and Flight Two (17-20) was Iris Hardy.

On November 10 the sun was shining bright. The event was Least Putts. Congratulations goes to: Flight 1: 1st Eden Carter, 2nd Gail Woolridge, 3rd (tie) Linda Carr and Marlene Knightly; Flight 2: 1st Bette Lu Buchanan, 2nd tied Marge Brandon and Betty Ennis, 3rd Jerry Jordan; Flight 3: 1st Mary Ann Loran, 2nd Donna Royle, 3rd Sandy Jackson.

Associate membership now available — Our Board responded with open arms to many retired members who asked to still be a part of our club. Dues of $10 enables all the retired Cottonwood Lady Niners to become associate members and be actively involved in all the social events and activities. Contact Bette Lu Buchanan at 480-710-2085 for more information.

A note from our Pro Shop: If you are on the golf course and there is lightning in the sky get off the course immediately.

Remember, we will not meet on Thanksgiving. As you are saying your blessing, say an extra prayer for those who cannot be with us, and give special thanks that we are living here in Sun Lakes and playing golf.