Rainbow Tennis Social Colorful and Fun

Penny Petersen

The “Rainbow” was certainly colorful as players wore their brightest reds, yellows, blues, and greens. Unlike other events, the “Rainbow” players do not pick their own partners. You just sign up, and the managers of the event assign partners. One of the objectives is to match people with someone they don’t normally play against or with.

The two-day tournament took place Oct. 18 and 19, with 67 people participating (33 men and 34 women). There were four teams, and everyone played at least two matches over the two days, 29 matches altogether. The four teams were U.S. Open (winning nine matches), Australian Open (winning six matches), French Open (winning eight matches), and Wimbledon (winning five matches). Over the two days, 430 games were played.

In addition to tennis, there were morning snacks and coffee, lunch each day, which included homemade desserts donated by members, and fruit, crackers, and cheese for nibbling in the afternoon. Susan Aparicio and Penny Petersen handled the food court.

Tournament Director Jerry Higgins thanked the tournament committee for their help during the two-day event. That included Nadine Sutter, Edith Tanniru, Barb Jorgensen, Dian Bromley, Laks Jagnandan, Cindy McCarville, and Carol Trentadue.

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