Rangers Always Training

Michael Berry

If you are a member of the Sun Lakes Rangers, one word you will hear on a regular basis is “training.” If any of the 22 statewide Ranger companies are assisting one of the 141 law enforcement agencies in Arizona or providing security for our Sun Lakes residents during an event, including the Oakwood Outdoor Concerts, the Cottonwood Easter Parade, the SunBird Country Hoedown, or the Chandler Ostrich Festival, you can be sure they have trained for it.

The best tool any Ranger has is what sits above the neck. The ability to work effectively with the public, maintain situational awareness, and communicate accurately with 911 should the situation dictate are all reviewed regularly.

Regular evaluations and training are also held on traffic control and radio communication. Formal traffic control training has taken place with both the Chandler Police Department and the Gila River Police Department. All Rangers must maintain their CPR/BLS certification, and many have taken the “Stop The Bleed” course. Future training will involve active shooter scenarios.

The training does not stop there, however. The Sun Lakes Rangers train each month with firearms using the same Arizona Post standard as every law enforcement agency in the state. This includes accuracy drills, firearms manipulation, failure drills, move and shoot, holster draws, and much more. Central Arizona College has been generous in sharing their private firearms range with the Sun Lakes Rangers.

The Sun Lakes Rangers are proud to serve our communities and are working hard to maintain your trust and support. The Arizona Rangers are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with 22 divisions, or companies, across the state. If you would like to learn more or make a tax-deductible donation to your Sun Lakes Rangers, go to www.azrangerssunlakes.org.