Record turnout attends Sisk Bocce Ball picnic

Gary Vacin

A record crowd of 132 Sisk Park Bocce Ball players turned out at the club’s spring potluck January 17 at the Sisk Park pavilion. More than 190 players competed in the fall round-robin tournament.

Certificates for $15, $10 and $10, redeemable at the Palo Verde and Cottonwood Country Club restaurants and Pro Shops, were presented to players in the top three teams in each division in the fall session. Eight lucky persons received $25 cash as part of the club’s 50-50 raffle. Eight other attendees drawn at random also received $5 meal certificates.

Top three finishers in each division follow:

Division A: 1st Mike Buscaglia and Ralph Falvo, 2nd Bill Janicki and John Terranova, 3rd (tie) Fritz and Beth Derheim, Jo Bryant and Nancy Hibbard, Leonard and Brenda Streit

Division B: 1st Tony and Maria Racano, 2nd Fred and Mary Ruff, 3rd (tie) Harry and Sharon Bicchieri and Dale and Janet Hallberg

Division C: 1st Les and Maggie Klingberg, 2nd John and Karen Marks, 3rd Jack and Della Stagner

Division D: 1st Bob and Barb Schmoekel, 2nd Bill and Shirley Danner, 3rd Lawrence Beck and Jane Cambridge

Division E: 1st Larry and Nancy Vanderslice, 2nd Keith and Linda Dickerson, 3rd Gary and Dorothy Vacin

Division F: 1st Andreas and Annette Kern, 2nd Murray and Nan Rose, 3rd Arve and Carol Moser

Division G: 1st John and Dianna Milikint, 2nd Glenn and Kathleen Baldwin, 3rd Carol Kirsch and Betty Jean Black

Division H: 1st Bill and Judy Rethke, 2nd Richard and Kathy Koon, 3rd Ray and Julie Monnin

Division I: 1st Mike and Diane Grady, 2nd Nancy McWherter and Sharon Howard 3rd Lou and Kay Blas

Division J: 1st Jim and Diane Roberts, 2nd Claire Ziegler and Marie Boyes, 3rd Alan and Janet Kurth

Division K: 1st Tom and Sue Sindelar, 2nd Mike and Pam Currier, 3rd Richard and Pamela Reuter

Division L: 1st Dan and Pat Prekel, 2nd Bill and Judy Jablonski, 3rd Jan Hendry and Janet Johnson