Reiki Circle meeting notice

Rina Cupples

Years ago, my late husband struggled with chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis, especially in his knees. He’d ask me to give him Reiki. It always helped him drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Just last week, a 94-year-old friend of mine fell and broke her arm. I went to visit the other day and while we were chatting, I gave her Reiki. She appreciated that so much.

I’ve had many opportunities in the intervening years to offer Reiki to people, either to support them in their healing process after surgery or to help relieve pain, soothe anxiety and also in combination with massage to ease muscle tightness.

There’s really no limit to how Reiki can be used for our benefit. Reiki (that’s pronounced Ray-Key) is healing-balancing energy. Everyone can learn how to receive it and apply it for assistance in everyday circumstances. You can use it for yourself. You can give it as a much-appreciated gift to others.

I invite you to have a personal experience of Reiki at the Reiki Circle, meeting every Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the Cottonwood courtyard, Room A-2. The Reiki Circle is a group of Sun Lakers and others from nearby communities who all practice Reiki – kind, empathetic, happy folks who enjoy being able to assist others. You can receive a brief Reiki session and have an opportunity to lend your own hand in giving a mini-session to someone else.

Lois Valleau, 480 883-6699, and Rina Cupples, 480 883-7747, teach Reiki classes here in Sun Lakes. You can contact them if you are interested in learning how to utilize healing energy for yourself, loved ones and your pets, too!