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Rina Cupples

When I lived in Connecticut, we hibernated indoors in the winter. Now in Arizona, I stay in a good deal during hot summer days. These periods of hibernation offer me opportunities to slow down, calm my harried brain, rest my overtaxed body. And I have time for Reiki treatments … soothing, restorative, regenerating energy … helping me regain equilibrium.

The Reiki Circle invites you to receive a mini Reiki treatment on any Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in Room A2, Cottonwood courtyard. Reiki practitioners meet year-round, exchanging Reiki energy to support one another with whatever challenges life brings. You’re always welcome to come and experience Reiki for yourself. There’s no fee. We like to give Reiki as an energizing tonic.

Lois Valleau and I co-teach Reiki here in Sun Lakes. If you have questions, please give us a call. Lois can be reached at 480 883-6699, and Rina’s phone is 480 883-7747.

We hope you will all have a fun-filled summer.