Reiki Training: You Can Benefit, Too

Rina Cupples

Rina Cupples

As a Reiki practitioner for 38 years and a teacher for 28 years, I give myself Reiki energy every morning when I wake up. I’ve done that from the day I received training in 1984. In that daily practice, I like to talk to God and to my body. For instance, with my hands on my head, I thank my brain for remembering what I need to know. I thank God for creating my brain in the first place. When I get to my heart, I like to say, “Thank You, God, for the steady, consistent, dependable beating of my heart.” It feels good to say thank you to the Holy Creator and to each part of me for functioning properly. I think my body hears and responds to that appreciation.

In my Reiki classes, I show students how to honor and validate their own bodies if they choose to do the same. I think bodies that are experiencing some sort of malfunction or disease process are also helped by hearing encouraging words. Level 1 class teaches how to give Reiki Healing/Balancing Energy to yourself or to someone else. Remember to give to your pets, too. They love it!

Reiki is very simple, and it is effective. Place your hands on the body, and energy begins to flow. Remove hands, energy stops. Reiki has helped accelerate my body’s physical healing after surgery. It supports my emotional balance and mental clarity. I believe Reiki has been the catalyst for my spiritual studies, keeping me moving forward. You can learn Reiki for your own personal support and to help your loved ones as well. It’s helped me with relieving pain and overcoming times of depression.

You may find many other benefits from using Reiki regularly. It’s a very simple process of placing your hands on specific positions on your own body—or someone else—and then allowing Life Force Energy to flow through you. You’re not doing the work. It’s not your energy. The Creative Healing/Balancing Energy does it all.

Our next Reiki Level 1 class is scheduled for March 8, 9, 10, and 11 from 9 a.m. to noon each day. Class will be held at my home in Palo Verde/Sun Lakes. You can call or text me at 480-883-7747 for additional information or to register for class. The class fee is $150 for 12 hours of instruction and practice time. You’ll receive a student notebook containing all information taught in class.

I look forward to hearing from you.