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Jack Hill and Janice Golden

Jack Hill and Janice Golden

2018 NIT Mixed Doubles Tourney Champions, 4.0+ Division

David Zapatka

The 6th Annual Norris Invitational Pickleball Tournament, the NIT, Sun Lakes’ largest pickleball tournament of the year, returns this month, March 4-8.

The NIT namesake is Dick and Maureen Norris who worked so hard on behalf of the pickleball community to have a place for all of us to play. They are normally on hand for the tournament, so please seek them out for a hardy “Thank You!” We all appreciate their years of hard work and dedication.

This exciting tournament featured over 90 pairs last year. All brackets are double elimination or round robin. Divisions are Women’s, Men’s and Mixed and are divided by skill level, 1.5 through 4.0+. All Sun Lakes residents are invited to participate and attend. The schedule of events stacks up like this:

Monday – Mixed 1.5 – 2.0, Mixed 2.5 and Mixed 3.0

Tuesday – Mixed 3.5, Mixed, 4.0+ and Women’s 3.0

Wednesday – Women’s 2.0, Women’s 2.5, Women’s 3.5, Women’s 4.0+ and Men’s 2.5

Thursday – Men’s 3.0, Men’s 3.5 and Men’s 4.0+

Friday – Rain Day if needed

This is a fun event with hundreds of spectators on hand. Prizes are awarded to those who place in all divisions. You are sure to be entertained by the exhilarating competition. Come out and cheer for your friends and favorite players.

Many thanks to the countless volunteers who promote and advertise the tournament, find sponsors, run the tournament desk, seed the brackets, referee, photograph the event, plan the seating, provide the supplies and equipment, post the results, plan the prizes and provide us food and refreshments. Most importantly, many thanks to all the tournament participants who support our club and this wonderful tournament. It’s a happening event!

For more information, go to the Sun Lakes Pickleball Club Cottonwood website at

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