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Sun Lakes author writes children’s book

Ricky, Buddy & Marshall’s creation was a result of Marshall’s grandchildren who repeatedly asked, “Grampa, tell me another Ricky, Buddy and Marshall story.” Marshall realized he needed to document and illustrate these stories in a book for his grandchildren and generations to come.

The book follows Ricky, Buddy and Marshall on 28 prank-filled, mischievous adventures. These boys did everything together and sometimes got sent to the principal’s office together. Marshall was very creative at coming up with mischievous activities in and out of the classroom. Of course, Ricky and Buddy always thought his ideas were great, and they readily became partners in crime.

Following is an excerpt from the story Bad Valentine’s Day:

Marshall answered, “We’ll make our own valentines, but instead of saying mushy stuff like roses are red, violets are blue, will you be my honey for true, we’ll make them say funny things. Oh, Betty the Yeti, you look like Freddy with hair like spaghetti.”

Ricky and Buddy grinned, and Buddy replied to Marshall, “That’ll be awesome. Let’s do it.”

So, the boys spent the next few days making bad valentines. They thoughtfully wrote a valentine for each classmate, one that was both bad and funny. They were so excited for the big day. It was going to be the best Valentine’s Day ever!


“These stories have great appeal, they’re well written, and contain a lot of action, dialogue and humor that kids will love. It reads like a classic and there’s a bit of nostalgia about it.” Published Author.

“Each story is about a character’s desire for something, and there’s a feeling of being pulled into the story.” Professional Editor.

Marshall Anderson was an imaginative youngster whose exploits often got him in hot water. He is now a grandfather and enjoys delighting his grandchildren with stories of his youth. He grew up in a rural midwestern community and has lived nearby for most of his life. In his spare time, he and his wife of 43 years enjoy golf, travel and spending time with family.

Ricky, Buddy & Marshall; Pranks, Mischief and Adventure is available to purchase from It can also be purchased directly from Marshall Anderson by emailing him at [email protected] More information about the book can be viewed at the website