Restless Minds Group November 11

Bill Gates

People measure success in many ways and on many different levels. When setting goals in life and business, it’s important that we identify what success means to us personally, so that when we succeed we’ll know it.

The Restless Minds discussion group will try to identify what constitutes success when it meets on Tuesday, November 11 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Sewing Room of Oakwood’s Arts and Crafts Center.

Bill Santos will lead a discussion on the many aspects of what being successful means; and he’ll ask if we have a way of for measuring success.

Other questions likely to be raised include:

Do you have to be wealthy to be considered successful?

Is luck a cause – or means – of success?

Do you think the quest for success can be overdone?

Should society say what constitutes success?

The Restless Minds discussion group is open to anyone with an open, inquisitive mind. There are no dues; just show up and participate in the discussion. For more information, contact Bill Gates or Bobbie Reed at 480-883-7410.