Restless Minds to look at immigration policy


The Restless Minds discussion group will tackle the issue of immigration when the group meets at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 12, in the Sewing Room of Oakwood’s Arts & Crafts Center.

Discussion leader Kyle Patterson wants to address the question of what sort of border we should have. Although most Americans agree that the immigration system is broken, there are many conflicting views on how to fix it. This is an ideal topic to challenge Restless Minds’ commitment to discussions where all points of view are respected, and dialogue is encouraged.

All people with open, inquisitive minds are invited to attend Restless Minds discussions. There are no dues or advance signups; just show up and participate.

February’s discussion will consider a number of topics including: What should the border look like? How do we maintain a controlled system of immigration that benefits our country? What criteria should be used to grant entry? Where does amnesty fit into the picture? What should we do with people who are here illegally? What should be done about birthright citizenship?

There is no shortage of interesting and controversial questions related to immigration. So this topic promises a lively discussion.

For more information on the monthly discussion group, call Bill Gates or Bobbie Reed at 480-883-7410.