Restless Minds topic is sustainability

Bill Gates

When the Restless Minds group meets in December, the discussion will focus on lifestyle and whether current practices are sustainable.

Pauline Lee and Sue Golubock will lead the discussion which will begin at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 9 in the Sewing Room of Oakwood’s Arts & Crafts Center. Restless Minds is a monthly discussion group. Meetings are open to anyone with an inquisitive, open mind. There are no dues or membership requirements; just show up and participate in the discussion.

Pauline and Sue will spend some time asking participants to assess how their lifestyles differ from the parents. And they will explore what cultural and economic changes they envision their grandchildren will experience. Will those changes benefit society?

They will also look at the impact on natural resources, and what costs societal changes will exact of these resources. “Do you feel we are going in the right direction to sustain these changes?” they will ask.

For more information of Restless Minds call Bill Gates or Bobbie Reed at 480-883-7410.