Restless Minds will diagnose America’s healthcare system

Bill Gates

The Restless Minds discussion group will diagnose America’s healthcare system at its October meeting. The discussion will be held Tuesday, October 10, in the sewing room of Oakwood’s Arts & Crafts Center, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Restless Minds group is receptive to all people with open, inquisitive minds. There are no dues or membership requirements. People of all political and social points of view are encouraged to engage in the friendly exchange of ideas each month. Just show up and participate.

October’s discussion leader Dr. Wayne Wright, a retired physician, notes that “In the United States, we have the most advanced healthcare knowledge and technology available in the world, with the most modern facilities, a high ratio of healthcare personnel available for the population and extensive research facilities. Despite these facts,” he says, “most of the parameters of healthcare measurement in the U.S. population are lower than most other advanced nations.”

Why is this so, he wonders, especially given that U.S. per capita healthcare spending is almost double any other nation?

Other questions expected to come up during the evening include: What can be done to improve the general health of our population? Are we willing to make changes to improve the healthcare figures? Are we willing to see how other countries achieve better results?