Restless Minds Will Explore Pandemic Anger

Bill Gates

Despite plans to resume in-person sessions, the Restless Minds discussion group will meet via Zoom in September because of continuing concerns over the COVID-19 virus’ Delta variant.

This month’s discussion will begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 14. Zoom sign-in instructions will be sent to all persons on the club’s email list. Others who wish to participate should email [email protected] for the sign-in code.

This setback in plans is a tiny example of efforts to emerge from pandemic restrictions. As they’re lifted, people might be expected to feel joy, relief, and happiness as life attempts to return to normal. However, public displays of anger and rude, often violent, actions by increasing numbers of Americans suggest otherwise.

In this session, we will look at some of the recent outbreaks and consider the impacts they have on our lives.

School boards are looking to return to virtual meetings, because vocal protestors at in-person meetings prevent agendas from moving forward. Airlines face daily challenges dealing with passengers who become unruly and physically assault staff and other passengers.

Fights over mask mandates have been joined by fights over vaccine mandates. Road rage and drive-by shootings are an almost daily occurrence.

In-person sessions are still planned for October and beyond. But in September, we’ll spend time discussing why past restrictions and new obstacles cause mounting public divisions.