Results for CMGA in December 2016

Results for CMGA in December 2016:

12/8. Afternoon Home and Home with Leisure World @ Leisure World

Gross winners: 1st Bob Schmoekel and Jerry Cisneros, 2nd Glenn Martinsen and Bob Schrote 3rd Jim Czaja and Tom Rhea; Net: 1st Fred Smith, Bill Moore and Ron Gunnoe 2nd Ken Pearson and Tony Wooldridge 3rd Steve Martz and Bill Jablonski

12/10. Afternoon Home and Home with Leisure World @ Cottonwood

Results of Home and Home we won 20 matches lost 5 matches and tied 2 matches

12/10 Afternoon Individual Low gross/Low net; Flight 1 Gross: 1st Barry Adams 2nd Kim Barnes and Larry Nelson; Net: 1st Barry Adams 2nd Terry Wilson and Les Elliott; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Gary Whiting 2nd Larry Nelson; Net: 1st Gary Whiting 2nd Larry Nelson and Jerry Johnston; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Les Blaylock 2nd Joe Ficek 3rd Terry Cronin; Net: 1st Les Blaylock 2nd Terry Cronin 3rd Joe Ficek

12/3. Afternoon Stableford event

Flight 1: 1st Steve Bennett, 2nd Mark Higgs and Bill Moore; Flight 2: 1st Dennis Bockelman, Les Elliott and James Werlinger 4th Gary Whiting; Flight 3: 1st Robert Walk 2nd Earl Whiteman 3rd Jack Voight; Flight 4: 1st Bill Jablonski and John Robbins 3rd Larry Guild

12/17. Afternoon Ace of Aces qualifier

Flight 1: Gross: 1st Jerry Davis 2nd Bruce Beelman and Kim Barnes; Net: 1st Jerry Davis 2nd Mark Higgs 3rd Kim Barnes and Jim Curran; Flight 2: Gross: 1st Jerry Cisneros 2nd Gerry Rooney, Jack Hopkins and Larry Frink; Net: 1st Jerry Cisneros 2nd Jack Hopkins 3rd Gerry Rooney; Flight 3: Gross: 1st Ken Pearson and Bob Robinson 3rd Ron Gunnoe; Net: 1st Bob Robinson 2nd Ken Pearson 3rd Ron Gunnoe; Flight 4: Gross: 1st Joe Ficek 2nd Les Blaylock, Phil Lucas and Stan Gross; Net: 1st Phil Lucas 2nd Joe Ficek 3rd Les Blaylock and Ralph Annen

12/24. Morning Individual Low gross/Low net

Flight 1 Gross: 1st Kim Barnes 2nd Terry Olson; Net: 1st Buddy Meola 2nd Bill Moore; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Robert Walk 2nd Ron Sarnicki; Net: 1st Tony Sims 2nd Steve Martz, Jack Wortley and Alan Gann; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Gerald Brock 2nd Les Blaylock; Net: 1st Phil Lucas 2nd Stan Gross

12/31. Afternoon 4 Man scramble (Select A Drive) a-b c-d teams

Flight 1 1st Gene Kivi and Jay Mays 2nd Ron Sarnicki and Mark Higgs, Jack Hill and Larry Mullings, Jack Goyer and Tom Rainville; Flight 2 1st Bill Kreager and Jim Werlinger, Ed Farrenkopf and Bob Walk 3rd Bill Moore and Gerry Rooney; Flight 3 1st Ken Pearson and Les Blaylock 2nd Danny Jetton and Ron Gunnoe 3rd Jim Fergal and Bill Jablonski, Jim Czaja and Jame Kay

Upcoming February Tournaments

February 4 Morning Ace of Aces qualifier

February 10 Afternoon President’s Cup qualifier (Low 64 players)

February 11 Morning President’s Cup round 1 Match Play

Match Play during the next 3 weeks

February 11 Afternoon Individual play Low gross/Low net

February 17 Morning Club Championship round 1

February 18 Afternoon Club Championship round 2

February 19 Morning Final round Club Championship

February 25 2 Man teams