Results from May PVMGA Events

Jim Roberts, Publicity

In spite of the continued COVID-19 threat and rising temperatures, the Palo Verde (PV) Men’s Golf Club had a full slate of activities during May.

On May 2 and 3, the annual Ryder Cup competition between Cottonwood and Palo Verde was played. The Ryder Cup involves a line-up of two-man teams from each club playing against each other. Saturday’s Round 1 was played at Cottonwood, and Round 2 was at Palo Verde.

Round 1 at Cottonwood ended with the Cottonwood teams winning 16 matches, with PV winning 8 matches and 2 ties. Round 2 at Palo Verde resulted in Cottonwood winning 12 matches, while PV won 8 matches with 6 ties. Overall, Cottonwood won the 2020 Ryder Cup competition with a score of 86 points to 70 for PV. We’ll get ‘em next year!

On May 9, the club played a two-man team, flighted best ball event. In Flight 1, Daryl Ramseyer and Glen Harry finished in first place. Lee Hood and CW Rollins took second place, and there was a four-way tie for third place.

In Flight 2, Are Moser and Jeff Martin took first place, while Dennis Grendahl and Vaughn Torgusen finished in second place. There was a tie for third place between the teams of Jeff Michelin and Keith Wilson with Julian Pickens and Jason Haynes.

On May 16, there was a 2 Net Best Ball Team event. First place was won by the team of Dennis Bockelman, John Kane, Gary Zahnow, and Gary Assenmacher. Second place went to the team of Lee Hood, Mike Rufert, Ken Nelson, and Chuck Carothers. Third place was taken by the team of Gary Whiting, Danny Jetton, Al Baumgartner, and Charlie Sivertson.

On May 23, the club played a Flighted 2-Man Scramble competition. In Flight 1, Rick Nelson and Bud Murray won first place. Royal Carlson and Larry Anderson won second place. There was a tie for third place between Bob Brabant/Cliff Joyes and Gary Whiting/Danny Jetton.

Flight 2 resulted in a tie for first place between Gary Assenmacher and Vaughn Torgusen with Adrian Barber and Arny Pinsley. Third place went to Phil Hollevoet and Jim Davis.

On May 30, a Flighted Two-man Team, One Net Best Ball event was played. In Flight 1, first place went to Christian Stokes and Ron Cox. Second place was won by John Mitchell and James Granzow, and third place went to Daryl Ramseyer and Cliff Joyes.

In Flight 2, first place was won by Julian Pickens and Jim Davis. Second place went to Bill Smith and Gary Zahnow, and third place went to Dennis Grendahl and Joe Lombardo.

As the month of May moved along, the temperatures got higher and higher, ending up with record-setting temperatures on May 30. And all the winners’ games got hotter and hotter as well. The ability to continue playing golf during this pandemic crisis has been great in that it has allowed us to get out in the fresh air while still respecting social distancing. Hopefully, this will all be behind us when we return in the fall. I will be gone until September, so I wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy summer.