Risen Savior Food Drive Continues

Rev. Ron Burcham, Sr. Pastor of Risen Savior Lutheran Church, announced that the congregation of Risen Savior invites all Sun Lakes residents to join in this year’s Spring Food Drive which will benefit the Chandler Food Bank. He said, “It is especially important to help the Food Bank in the late spring, because it enables them to store food for the summer months, when donations are at their lowest.”

“Knowing that there are some in the Chandler area who struggle to put food on the table, while our cupboards are full, is just unacceptable. We know that as individuals we can make a difference, but if we pool our resources and ask for God’s blessing, we can have a substantial impact,” he added.

Throughout the drive, the food will be displayed in the entry to the Sanctuary to enable the everyone to see the results of working together to help others in the Chandler community. “Each year I look forward to arriving on Sunday mornings during the food drive, as the amount of food collected grows larger and larger. What a privilege to witness the generosity of God’s people and their desire to make a difference in someone else’s life,” Pastor Burcham commented.

How to Donate: Although donations of all unopened food items will be gratefully accepted, the Food Bank’s greatest needs are for cereal, oatmeal, peanut butter, canned fruit/vegetables/meat, canned and dry beans, rice, pasta, tomato sauce, mac & cheese, juice, boxed meals, cooking oil, salt, flour, sugar, canned soup and canned milk. To donate food, enter the Risen Savior parking lot from Alma School Road and drive straight ahead (west) until you see the food collection boxes on the patio directly ahead. The collection boxes will be emptied daily.

If you wish to send a check in any amount, make the check payable to AZCEND, the parent of the Chandler Food Bank. Mail the check to Risen Savior Lutheran Church, 23914 S. Alma School Road, Chandler, AZ 85248. Please write “Spring Food Drive” on the envelope.

Pastor Burcham further commented, “Risen Savior Food Charities have become important annual contributors to the Chandler Food Bank. I wish to relay the heart-felt thanks of Risen Savior’s congregation and staff to the countless Sun Lakes residents who have joined in contributing to the success of Risen Savior’s annual Spring Food Drives, Thanksgiving Turkey Drives and Community Christmas Concerts over the last five years.”

Note: Pastor Burcham’s weekly sermons can be viewed online at www.rslcs.org.