Rock, Gem and Silver Club

Stephanie Reisenbuchler

There is something for everyone in the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem and Silver Club. If you have an interest in learning something new, there are skilled teachers, classes, and workshops at Cottonwood, Oakwood, and Sun Lakes Country Clubs.

When I started with the club two years ago, I was a crafty person who always wanted to learn more about jewelry making, stained glass, glass fusing, and rocks/minerals. I attended a meeting at the Navajo Room located at Sun Lakes Phase 1 on the third Monday of the month. Arriving earlier (about 10 to 15 minutes) than the scheduled time of 10 a.m. is best if you’re interested in spending time exploring the displayed pieces the instructors for each class have brought. You are able to chat briefly with them, and sign-up sheets for upcoming classes are provided.

There are beginning classes that teach workshop and equipment safety along with a new skill such as lapidary or lost wax method. Some classes are designated specifically for beginners and usually last three to six weeks and meet once a week for two and a half hours. The fee for joining is $25 per year, and classes are extremely reasonable (usually $30 to $50) and cover the cost of materials for the project. Once a class is completed, a member may purchase a stamp for open workshop time where a trained monitor is there to assist with questions, equipment, and often a smile. The wonderful thing about the club is that it is an all-volunteer organization which allows for excellent opportunities to meet new people, work cooperatively, and use leadership skills.

There are wonderful display cases located in front of the workshops at both Cottonwood and Oakwood Country Clubs. They are loaded with beautiful examples of the careful and dedicated workmanship of many of our members and instructors’ designs as well as a display case for a rock/mineral collection that was donated by Chuck and Ann Brady. The club website is You will find great information here with class descriptions, contact information, calendar, and club news.