Rock, Gem, Silver and Creative Craft Club Board of Directors

Front row (left to right): Irene Morisseau, Mary Whitehead, Anita Metzbower, Kathy Norman, Karen Wollscheid; back row (left to right): Mary DeCarolis, Sheilah Buscaglia, Nancy Hibbard, Susan Carter, Don Hall

Doug Williams

The Sun Lakes Rock, Gem, Silver, and Creative Crafts Club is very thankful and proud of our volunteer leadership! In brief, here’s what they do:

President: Kathy Norman provides administrative leadership and acts as the club’s primary spokesperson.

Vice President: Anita Metzbower acts as president in the president’s absence and carries out other administrative duties as assigned.

Treasurer: Karen Wollscheid manages the finances and acts as the club’s financial officer.

Secretary: Mary Whitehead generates board of directors meeting minutes, general membership meeting minutes, and official club correspondence.

Membership Coordinator: Sheilah Buscaglia manages the membership enrollment process, including collection of dues and Open Shop fees, and issues member identification cards and rosters.

Class Coordinator: Sandy Peterson manages the scheduling of times and locations for instructional classes and Open Shop periods at all club-managed facilities.

Craft Chairperson: There are five craft chair positions who manage the planning, development, and delivery of instructional classes and Open Shops for one or more crafts embraced by the club as follows: Lapidary, Don Hall; Lost Wax, Anita Metzbower; Silver, Co-chairs Susan Carter and Richard Sanderville; Glass, Nancy Hibbard; and Creative Crafts, Dick Eslick.

Equipment Oversight Manager: Don Hall maintains club-owned equipment and tools in all club-sponsored facilities to ensure that it is in good, safe operating condition.

Field Trip Coordinator: Manages the planning, development, and delivery of field trips to enhance knowledge.

Museum Curator: Irene Morisseau manages the development and maintenance of displays representing club activities and interests for placement in showcases owned by or assigned to the club by the Sun Lakes Homeowners Associations.

Hospitality Coordinator: Nancy Frayer plans and manages the club’s annual holiday party and club picnics.

Raffles Coordinator: Mary DeCarolis manages raffles sponsored by the club.

Website Coordinator: Karen Wollscheid manages the club website to ensure that it is a convenient, efficient means of communicating information to members in a timely manner.

Publicity Coordinator: Doug Williams publicizes the club and its activities by providing information, insights, and images to members as well as the public. He communicates and coordinates with the board and others to gather information about club activities, events, members’ accomplishments, meetings, plans, etc. He writes articles for the Splash and sends newsletters to the soon-to-be over 200 members!

And these are just a few of the critical roles our wonderful volunteers perform. Other volunteer positions are assistant craft chairpersons, Open Shop monitors, instructors, and we have a current opening for the club’s field trip coordinator. You might want to volunteer for any of these fun-filled and exciting volunteer positions for the upcoming 2023-24 season. How do you do that? Just come to the 10 a.m. general meeting on Nov. 23 at the Cottonwood Computer Learning Center, raise your hand, and say, “I’d like to volunteer to help out.”