Rover’s Kids love Phil!

Rover’s Rest Stop & Ranch feels so blessed with many Sun Lakes volunteers. Each and every one has a talent they bring to the table for the Kids! They have weathered the heat, the cold, and the pouring down rain for the Kids’ benefit. All of their efforts do not go unnoticed; they are very much appreciated and sometimes not thanked enough.

Rover’s Kids love Phil because he is a volunteer that is there to help the Kids, no matter the need. Phil has a heart for volunteering and gives back to his community through time spent with food banks and Habitat for Humanity. He is generous with his time and we are blessed he put us on his list!

Phil remembers finding Rover’s Rest Stop when he came to one of our monthly adoption events. He explained he was so impressed with the well behaved manners the Kids had, that they were very well cared for and healthy. The bonus was that they were socialized and potty trained, the important things. He had been to other rescues and knew Rovers would be his volunteer home.

Rover’s Rest Stop is not a traditional rescue as most view the term rescue. We support our community by assisting Neighbors Who Care, the Fire Department and individuals when they have an emergency and need their pet to be taken care of. We assist owners that can no longer keep their kids for one reason or another. The Kids love to visit new friends at The Other Place too. We have monthly events that welcome you to come sit on the floor if you like and play with the Kids.

With our move to a larger property so we could help more Kids, we find we are always in need of additional hands for a variety of tasks. We always have sewing projects, painting, a hose that needs mending, fencing to be put up or down, team leaders to manage teams for swimming, training, walking etc., and extra hands for events. Whatever your talent or interest I am sure we can use it!! Look for our next article!

Thank you all for supporting the wonderful Kids that come to and through Rover’s Rest Stop & Ranch! We hope to see you at one of our events if only to say hello! Information 480-600-2828.