Sci-Fi Club holds second meeting

Allan Levy

The Sci-Fi Club held its second meeting on Nov. 14. The movie Earth vs. the Flying Saucers was screened. The book 1632 was discussed.

The 1632 series, also known as the 1632-verse or Ring of Fire series, is an alternate history book series and sub-series created, primarily co-written, and coordinated by Eric Flint and published by Baen Books. The series is set in 17th-century Europe, in which the small fictional town of Grantville, West Virginia, in the year 2000 was sent to the past in central Germany in the year 1631, during the Thirty Years’ War.

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers was an early flying saucer movie. The film’s stop-motion animation special effects were created by Ray Harryhausen. Harryhausen first used a technique he created called “Dynamation” that split the background and foreground of pre-shot, live-action footage into two separate images into which he would animate a model or models, seemingly integrating the live-action with the models. Ray Harryhausen did a great job showing the saucers destroying Washington, D.C.

The next meeting will be held on Dec. 12. Please contact Allan Levy at [email protected] or 301-503-1387.