Sew-N-Sews news – September 2014

The Sew-N-Sews will have their first meeting on Wednesday, September 10 in the Oakwood Clubhouse in Sun Lakes at 1:30 p.m. We suggest you get there early to see all the activities that are available.

The program will be about the many tools that are used in sewing that are the favorites of the new board members. Many different tools are new on the market and others are old favorites that have been around for many years. Mary Louise Lansbarkis will be hosting this program with show and tell features of how it is used, where it can be purchased and the cost.

Throughout the coming year she will be sharing a new tool each month. This feature will be called, “Tools of the Trade.”

Another special part of the program will be “Show and Tell” of the items the members have made during the summer.

The stash table, which is a popular item, has fabrics, trims and patterns that our members no longer want in their stash and will share with others.

Sew-N-Sews is a membership that has to do with any kind of needle and thread. That could be a beading needle, knitting or crocheting needle, sewing machine needles or just plain hand sewing needle. A person can attend two meetings and then join and have the opportunity to take part in the classes that are offered. Visitors are welcome.