‘Sex Please, We’re Sixty’ Opens November 8

Bud impresses Victoria and Hillary.

Henry proposes to Mrs. Stancliffe.

Charmaine tries seducing Henry.

Most women will tell you it’s difficult to find much humor in menopausal episodes, but authors Michael and Susan Parker managed to put a twist on them that elicits laughs aplenty in Sun Lakes Community Theatre’s production of Sex Please, We’re Sixty. Opening Tuesday, Nov. 8,  at Cottonwood’s San Tan Ballroom and playing through Saturday, Nov. 12 (matinee), this farce centers on the wacky escapades of Bud “the Stud” Davis, an ailing but boisterous pleasure seeker who is convinced that the entire success of his neighbor’s B&B is strictly due to his Casanova-type charm. Based on the return rate of some of her clients, Mrs. Stancliffe begrudgingly thinks he might just be right. But when Bud shows his philandering side, guests Charmaine, Hillary, Victoria, and even hostess Mrs. Stancliffe decide revenge is in order and Bud has got to be taught a lesson. The results are uproarious and accidentally catch poor Henry Mitchell, Mrs. Stancliffe’s wistful suitor, in the crossfire. Laughs abound in this fast-paced, two-act show, and tickets will be going fast, so don’t delay if you haven’t bought yours yet! Visit www.slctinfo.com to purchase online, or call 480-382-6290 for more information (Note: contains adult themes and may not be appropriate for all ages).