Shalom Hadassah news

Doris Codkind

Our chapter certainly has had a busy month. With no regular meeting scheduled in March we planned two exceptional events. What a wonderful day was had at the Phoenix Art Museum viewing the display “Fashioned in America.” An added treat was the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit, a must see. The next event was a trip to the Hale Theatre for the production of My Fair Lady. The music; the costumes – need I say more about this favorite of shows.

At our regularly scheduled meeting on April 21 two very important topics will be discussed. How many of us have had accidents in our home? Falls, tripping over items, kitchen mishaps are all too common incidents. Because of this, we have asked our own Sun Lakes Fire Department to help us negotiate Safety in the Home. There are many tips and strategies for everyday living to help guard against harming ourselves. You may think you are doing everything right, but visits to the emergency room tell otherwise. Also available will be the new medical information flash drive, a really great gadget for storing all of your personal medical records. This can be accessed by medical personnel in case of emergency. You will want to become informed about this new technology.

For optional lunch reservations send your $16 check made payable to Shalom Hadassah and send to Ruth Friedman at The Renaissance, 9508 E. Riggs Rd., Apt. D396, Sun Lakes 85248 or call 802-9600. Program only starts at 1:00 p.m.

Watch for the announcement of the Shalom Hadassah High Tea and Fashion Show that will be held in May. Final details will be presented shortly so that you can make your reservations.

Our beautiful new line of greeting cards will also be on display and available for purchase.