Short Line Model Railroad Club—Welcome 2020

Harry Huckemeyer

The Short Line Model Railroad Club welcomes in the new year and is looking forward to a fresh start and exciting opportunities to share time with friends and family along the way. 2019 has been a successful year for our club, as we had the opportunity to share our time with many from around the Valley who enjoyed our exhibits and shared the many stories of their experiences and memories of the past in their younger days. How fortunate we all are that we are able to spend the next few months in an area where the weather is so favorable, and the opportunities are unlimited on how we plan to spend our time here in the Valley of the Sun.

For our club, the present is the time for planning and preparing for the various activities we will be participating in throughout the year. We already have several plans for the early part of the year, and in recent years, we’ve been participating in events held annually, which are on our agenda. Like everything else pertaining to new technologies and miniaturization, some of the newer accessories available for Model Railroading bring a new life to exhibits on hand, as well as new challenges in staying current.

Our club meets on the first Saturday of the month at the SunBird Community Center. Meetings start at 9:30 a.m. and are held in the Lakeview Room, which is on the main floor of the building. If you would like any information regarding our club membership, feel free to call me at 480-802-4976. If you get my answering service, please make sure you leave a number or email address where I can reach you. I can also be reached by email at [email protected].