Singing & Sailing

Yvonne Orlich

While the Sun Lakes Chorale is officially on summer break, some of our members continued to gather and sing on the high seas. Ten of our Chorale members embarked on a Mexican Riviera cruise.

The members were all acquainted with each other through the Chorale, but after sailing to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, and Puerto Vallarta, the 10 members are now fast friends. Their journey began in San Pedro (Port of LA). The night before departure, most of them stayed at a local hotel. Once they departed the port, the real fun began.

Each couple did their own thing during the day in each port, but all 10 met for dinner aboard the cruise ship in one of the dining rooms each evening. One evening they entertained those in attendance with singing at their dinner table. The last evening, before disembarking, they planned to sing a few songs: “Edelweiss,” “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” and a Chorale favorite, “Shalom Chaverim.” They invited their waiter, assistant waiter, and maître d’ to join them in song. The songs were enjoyed by all in the dining area. Several people applauded, and many cruisers stopped by our table to say how great our singing was.

The Chorale members definitely stood out, as they had special “identifying” T-shirts made. Besides dinners together, the group attended the super variety shows and gathered at the piano bars. They enjoyed each other’s company at the ship’s activities, shows, dinners, and ice cream. And what Mexican cruise would be complete without a few margaritas?!

Maybe this can become an annual trip!

Attendees were Jim and Linda Horton, Sue Schauble and Beverly Edwards, Mel Moss and Jan Bazzill, Mike and Kelly Murray, and David and Diane Flanagan.