Sisk Bocce Club wraps up another successful season

Gary Vacin

The Sisk Park Bocce Club completed another season with its annual Potluck Awards Party at Sisk Park March 31. Another large crowd was on hand to feast on chicken served by Social Directors Bob and Cindi Fernandez, along with potluck salads and desserts provided by members.

President Jim Roberts, Division Director Beth Derheim and Membership Chairman Coleen Linko handed out cash awards for $20, $15 and $10 to players on teams finishing first, second and third, respectively, in each division. Seven lucky persons also received $25 cash as part of the club’s 50/50 raffle.

Division winners follow:

Division A – 1st Tony and Maria Racano, 2nd (tie) Larry Beck and Jane Cambridge and Mike Buscaglia and Doc Hester

Division B – 1st (tie) Judy and Paul Hester and Linda and Roy Parfit, 3rd (tie) Bill and Shirley Danner and Bob and Rita Lobello

Division C – 1st Harry and Sharon Bicchieri, 2nd (tie) Arve and Carol Moser and Bob and Karen Snow

Division D – 1st Michael and Charlan Dalsanders, 2nd Shirley Hutchings and Laura Sahlin, 3rd (tie) Jo Bryant and Kathy Cornall and Mike and Diane Grady

Division E – 1st Bill and Val Crump, 2nd (tie) Gary and Dorothy Vacin and Richard and Pam Reuter

Division F – 1st (tie) Arnie and Alice Bannerman and Patrick and Chris O’Keefe, 3rd Craig Kirby and Sue Johnson

Division G – 1st Don and Laurie DeNapaoli, 2nd Ollie and Stephanie Johnson, 3rd (tie) Joe and Sharon Fratiello and George and Karen Polusny

Division H – 1st Tony and Sherie Casillas, 2nd Colleen Linko and Jeff Blankenship, 3rd (tie) Lee and Linda Brechtel and Bill and Marilyn Brenner

Division I – 1st Ron and Joy Keil, 2nd Ray Macedo and Gail Towne, 3rd (tie) Mike Giarlo and Marilyn Conner and Don and Sherry Milliron

Division J – 1st Steve and Kim Semo, 2nd Larry Alibrandi and Frank Broly, 3rd (tie) Dottie Allison and Peggy Nicholson, Jack and Betty Hines and Pat and Mary Mentone

Division K – 1st Bob and Carol Kennedy, 2nd (tie) Bob and Nancy Robinson and Susan and Christian Stokes

Division L – 1st John and Carol Sinicki, 2nd Jack and Diane Carlson, 3rd Con and Patty Gerdes

Division M – 1st (tie) Sue and Tom Donovan and Colleen and Randy Peltz, 3rd Ron and Chloe Olsen

Division N – 1st Diane and Mark O’Neil, 2nd (tie) Cindy and Deno Edwards and Ron and Nancy Puvalowski

This concludes the club’s 2018-19 season. Next action will come in November. For additional information, contact Jim Roberts, club president, at 421-681-6583.