Sisk Park Bocce Club board welcomes new members

The Sisk Bocce Club Board passed the gavel to the new board members and revised and clarified several rules at the group’s final meeting for the 2015-16 year on April 14.

Assuming new offices were Roy Parfitt, president; Jim Roberts, vice-president; Beth Derheim, division director; Jane Cambridge, secretary; and Diane Severa, treasurer. Returning officers: Harry and Sharon Bicchieri, social directors; Sue Donovan, interclub director; Paul Hester, equipment manager, Gary Vacin, publicity director; and Irene D’Aloisio, past president.

Club activities will continue with the wine and cheese party October 30. New members may sign up then or by attending the open houses at Cottonwood and Oakwood in October. Play will resume November 1.

The hot summer weather is just around the corner, but the Sisk Park Bocce Ball courts are lighted, so club members and others are welcome to play there this summer.