Skyview and Wolfe & Associates Win Winter Titles

The Skyview Digital Media Lakes Division Champs (left to right): Dennis LePore, Steve Schaider, Charlie Alley, Tom Lorgan, Doug Warwick, Team Sponsor and Skyview’s CEO Alysa Chapman, Mgr. Bill McCoy, Jerry Geisinger, Gene Granquist, Terry Zeltinger, and Dennis Colbert; absent: Reggie Reese

Larry Wolfe

The Skyview Digital Media squad, managed by Bill McCoy, won the Lakes Division’s Winter League pennant with a record of 10 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie. Manager Gary Hillabolt’s Young Realty Team finished second with a 9-9 record. In the Sun Division, Manager Ron Carmichael led the Wolfe & Associates team to a 13-5 record, just edging by Manager Randy Neumann’s Spooner PT crew, which finished one game back with a 12-6 mark. Congrats to both championship teams.

The top 10 hitters in the Lakes Division were Manny Verdusco (.730), Tim Loeffler (.729), Vern Rodgers (.724), Dennis LePore (.723), Brian Brockman (.703), Sam Giordano (.696), Bill McCoy (.689), Mike Willits (.683), Dave Boone (.677), and Gene Granquist (.672). Brian Brockman led the division in homers with 20. Vern Rodgers finished second with 10 round trippers.

In the Sun Division, Marty Hobby led the league with an .853 average. The remainder of the top 10 were Dan Melosi (.806), Tom Bersano (.783), Mike Lebet (.754), Larry Kaufmann (.751), Bob Wicks (.746), Dave Platt (.725), Jon Hendrikse (.718), Dave Martin (.704), Bobby Farmer (.700), and Greg Lemmon (.700). Bob Wicks led in homers with 28. Others with 20-plus taters were Greg Lemmon and Marty Hobby (both with 27), Tom Bersano (26), and Mike Lebet and Tom Stephens (both with 23).

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