SL Lady Niners news and scores


Verla Matuschka

League play has ended as of May 31. If you wish to continue golfing throughout the summer, you must make a tee time. Get a group together and make an early tee time so you can enjoy the game throughout the hot summer months. There is more information about the Lady Niners League in a separate article in this month’s Splash. After reading it, please consider joining the group. New members are always welcome. If you have any questions, please call President Celeste Dorsay at 907-242-7890. Also available during the summer to answer questions, call Verla Matuschka at 480-883-2762.

Net winning scores for April and May:

4/03. Faye Belt 27, Liz Tollefsen 30, Irene Anderson 30, Arlene Fletcher 31, Ruth Gregg 32, Verla Matuschka 32, Donna Sullivan 32, Myrna Graves 34, Marge McClatchey 34, Dottie Wodraska 34

4/10. A Scramble was played, and all who golfed received a score of 37.

4/17. Liz Tollefsen 28, Sonja White 29, Joann Brown 30, Arlene Fletcher 30, Rosie Raisenan 30, Verla Matuschka 30, Dottie Wodraska 32

4/24. Verla Matuschka 27, Lorraine Brammer 33, Rosie Raisenan 34, Faye Belt 34

5/01. Dottie Wodraska 29, Myrna Graves 30, Ruth Gregg 30