SL Lady Putters Christmas lunch

Attending the Lady Putter’s Christmas lunch are left to right Pat Weitzel, Paula Zoccoli, Chris Bethany, Marjean Scheele, Sue Core and Hilde Powell.

Attending the Lady Putter’s Christmas lunch are left to right Pat Weitzel, Paula Zoccoli, Chris Bethany, Marjean Scheele, Sue Core and Hilde Powell.

Susan Gottschalk

The Christmas luncheon was held recently in the San Tan Ballroom. Many prizes were awarded through the raffle drawings which serves as our organization’s fundraiser for local charities. Installation of officers was conducted with President Jo Bryant, Vice President Pat Martin, Secretary Kathi Bobek and Treasurer Camille Jasien.

Monday Flight

11/09. Best Ball: Norma Marsh

11/16. Kathi Bobek, Camille Jasien and Susan Powell

11/23. Camille Jasien, Carol Lorenz, Norma Marsh and Mary Lou Murdock

11/30. (Tie) Sharon Darnell, Shirley Gosselin, Terry Sporleder, Kathi Bobek, Carol Lorenz and Jane Wagner


1st June Wagner, Norine Bassett, Marilyn Kalenius, Shirley Gosselin and Diana Laubenstgein; 2nd Dolly Bruns, Mary Lou Murdock, Kathi Bobek, Elaine Dover, Colleen Foley, Linda Boyd, Linda Meylink and Susan Powell; 3rd Norma Marsh, Pat Martin, Lil Abild, Susan Gottschalk and Camille Jasien; 4th Linda Dickerson, Bea Hadsell, Sharon Darnell and Elaine Greer; 6th Carol Lorenz

Tuesday Flight

11/10. Mary Bish, Dottie Altamore, Pat Prekel and Dot Haanes

11/17. Laurie Burke, Gwen Fleming and Jeanne Purpura

11/24. Paula Herzstein, Ginny Kinch, Hilde Powell and Alice Willittes

12/01. Dianne Burns, Shirley Humecki, Gwen Fleming and Peggy Perry

12/08. Jan Prestin, Jane Cambridge and Roseann Soczka


1st Dottie Altamore, Lucille Rahilly, Paula Herzstein, Lois Hauge, Anna Gay Pahlow, Pat Prekel, Susan Anderson, Shirley Humecki, Peggy Perry, Pat Hanson, Kim Vargas and Pris Corbus; 2nd Ginny Kinch, Judy Schimpf, Jean Doerr, Monica Lovrien and Jane Cambridge; 3rd Kathy Mindnich, Sharon Bicchieri, Mary Bish, Jan Prestin, Mary Jane Stubbe and Hilde Powell; 4th Jeanne Purpura and Dianne Burns; 6th Laurie Burke and Roseann Soczka

Tuesday Oakwood Flight

11/03. Sheila Holland, Elaine Legorreta, Marjean Scheele and Sylvia Osborne

11/10. Shirley Arendt, Dianna Milkint and Shirley Werab

11/17. Shirley Arendt, Marge Duggan and Shirley Wareb

11/24. Carol Leavitt, Dianna Milkint, Merrilee Richardson and Joan Sloan

12/01. Chris Bethany, Eva Kolar, Cheryl Schaab and Paula Zoccoli

12/08. Shari Hurst, Rosie Reel, Marjean Scheele and Joan Sloan


1st Shirley Arendt, Elaine Legorreta, Linda McCabe, Alice Watson, Susan Carew, Sharon Howard, Chris Kibler, Peggy Raber and Margaret Boyles; 2nd Barb Frank, Rosie Reel, Joan Sloan, Paula Zoccoli, Marge Duggan, Sylvia Osborne, Eva Kolar, Joyce Stefanick, Vivian Daugherty, Sherry Daily, Chris Bethany, Joyce Lund and Mardie Traver; 3rd Madeline Mazzei, Shirley Werab, Dianna Milkint, Shari Hurst, Cheryl Schaab, Marjean Scheele, Ann Newton and Carol Leavitt; 4th Leona Skeate; 5th Linda Breitbach and Inez Kirscht; 6th Jan Abbey

Wednesday Flight

10/28. Lori Dykstra, Joan Westrack, Judy Dakin and Maria Shaw

11/04. Rained out

11/11. Jo Bryant, Kathy Cornall, Tanya Bradford and Roxy Trickey

11/18. Mary Alice Clifford, Pam Hansen, Linda Murray, Arlene Fletcher and K. C. Coller

11/25. (Tie) Jeannette Boychuk, Mitzi Iverson, Mary Kunzelman, Linda Murray and K. C. Coller

12/02. Kay McCormick, Marilyn Andrysiak and Marg Pippit


1st Joan Westrack, Judy Hester, Brenda Streit, Ronnie Wardell, Mary Ann Winters, Margaret DeLap, Kathy Kuglitsch, Marilyn Andrysiak, Joanne Urban, Mary Alice Clifford and Donna Wolmutt; 2nd Carol Stagger, Lori Dykstra, Linda Murray, Pam Hansen, Bobbie Wall, Kathy Wilson, K. C. Coller, Jo Bryant and Rose Ann Pantano; 3rd Tanya Bradford, Pat Weitzel, Linda Parfitt, Anna Marie Como, Carol Wenger, Delores Logan, Arlene Fletcher, Mitzi Iverson, Pam Hansen, Anna Mae Calgaro and Carole Elliott; 4th Mary Kunzelman and Marg Pippitt; 5th Linda Murray and Jeannette Boychuk

Thursday Flight

11/12. (Tie) Anita Borger, Peggy Clapp, Joanne Johnson, Judy Mugrage, Bettie Farr, Jeri Henry, Margaret Ridgway, Lu Walk, Marcia Gaudioso, Donna Harms, Nina Scinto, Anne Reyburn and Betsy Wedeward

11/19. (Tie) Kathleen Baldwin, Marcia Gaudioso, Eleanor Nicolosi, Kathy Rusche, Pat Henk, Karen Kaniasty, Penny Quinn and Lu Walk

11/26. Thanksgiving

12/03. Gerri Allesandrello, Jerri Henry, Judy Mugrage and Betsy Wedeward


1st Penny Angelina, Bev Lundeen, Margaret Ridgway, Betsy Wedewrd, Anne Reyburn, Roxanne Manz, Patsy Redmond and Kathie Neffenger; 2nd Anita Borger, Elaine Dougher, Karen Kaniasty, Penny Quinn, Fran Schuring, Kathleen Baldwin, Lu Walk, Ellen Brittingham, Marcia Gaudioso and Faith Missildine; 3rd Bettie Farr, Donna Harms, Eleanor Nicolosi, Barbara Bogar, Sandra Hansen, Jeri Henry and Nina Scinto; 4th Alice Bannermanand Judy Mugrage; 5th Edite Evans