SL Lutheran Church news

Marty Patton

Sun Lakes Lutheran Church has continued many activities thru the summer.

Associate Pastor Cora Aguilar and her husband Bobby celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a gala at the Sun Lakes Country Club.

Our welcome back picnic was a fun event on October 18 at Sisk Park. In addition to great food, bocce ball, croquet, and other games entertained the attendees.

We recognized our parish nurse, Dawn Coryea, for her years of faithful service to our congregation as well as the Sun Lakes community.

The ladies group, Phoebe Circle, is resuming meeting the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Chapel Center. This group prepares projects for various local charities as well as has Bible study. Please call Kay Irvin for more information at 480-895-7343.

We also have a book club and movie time which meet monthly to discuss and evaluate that which is presented.

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and Advent, we look forward to the new church year. All are invited to join us as we worship each Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. in the Sun Lakes Chapel. Following the service please join us for fellowship and refreshments in the Chapel Center. For more information please call Rev. Dale Hallberg at 480-628-9449 or Marty Patton at  480-835-7766.