SLCC-God wants to use you

Pastor Jerry McGhee

Years ago the kind, friendly demeanor of a gentleman who conducted his church’s banking was noted by a bank teller, and that bank teller encouraged one of her friends to visit the church he represented. In time, that friend’s family became members of the church.

The point of this abbreviated story is that God wants to, and will, use us if we allow Him to do so. Even our kindness to a bank teller can bring honor to God and influence others for His glory.

So, the question is, just how, other than through kindness, can and will God use us? I suggest four ways from Hebrews Ch. 11:

1. God will use ordinary people who trust Him and act on His Word.

2. Obedience to God’s Words is a sure door-opener to His leadership.

3. Faithfulness to God in all circumstances, being trustworthy is a key factor.

4. Having God’s interest as a priority in one’s life is almost always found in a person used by God.

A smile or kind word from a person being used by the Lord can be more powerful than a sermon. Try it.