SLCC Ladies 18 Holers

Guest Day March 17 - Teri Tinney (guest) playing golf with Chris Frazon (member)

Guest Day March 17 – Teri Tinney (guest) playing golf with Chris Frazon (member)

Nancy Field

3/24. Shamble – 1st place team Cheryl Reed, Jan Fletcher, Pat Benson and Donna Jones (74), 2nd place team Lynda Smith, Julie Hamlin, Linda Kalamar and Joyce Anderson (80), 3rd place team (tie) Nicole Wadley, Pearl Martin, Debbie Martin and Nancy Anderson (81), Moe Schoenwalder, Karen Mcguinness, Jeanne Miszewski and Barb Rogers (81)

3/31. Stableford Points Team – 1st place team Lavaughn Pietz, Val McDonald, Iris Cannaday and Daryl Mellafont (156), 2nd place team Linda Ryland, Judi Kilgus, Pearl Martin and Joyce Anderson (153), 3rd place team Cheryl Bunch, Barb Rogers, Barb Hanson and Ingrid Jefferies (150)

4/07. One, Two, Three Waltz – Flight 1: 1st place team Janet Batting, Dang Parker, Marci Koppelmaa and Ruth Benson (100), 2nd place team Debbie Loch, Betty Ulrich, Elsie Hagen and Karla Carrillo (103), 3rd place team Moe Schoenwalder, Daryl Mellafont and Lynda Smith (105); Flight 2: 1st place team Dianne Hoyt, Judy Mical, Judi Kilgus and Valerie Mcdonald (96), 2nd place team Gail Lerette, Jeanne Miszewski, Jacque Lingle and Margaret Werseen (97), 3rd place team Pearl Martin, Jan Fletcher, Lilian Getty and Mavis Nixon (100); Flight 3: 1st place team Goldie Herberg, Lillian Look, Brenda Icenogle and Lavaughn Pietz (94), 2nd place team Arlene Ungaro, Arne Havens, Jan Moore and Ariete Lima (98), 3rd place team Nettie Dingler, Margot Mask, Jean Jones and Sarah Green (100)

March was a busy month for the 18 Holers Golf League with the Golf Cancer Tournament, Guest Day and Spring Fling. On Sunday, March 15, the Guys and Dolls Derby was held with 1st place going to Rick Hamlin and Iris Cannaday, 2nd place to Andrew Johnstone and Jan Martin and 3rd place to Scott Torgeson and Karla Carrillo.

Check your golf book for Tuesday events in April and remember to have your money in by Saturday at noon for play the following Tuesday.