SLCC Ladies 18 Holers post scores

Nancy Field

4/14. Beat the Pro – congratulations to all the women who beat the Pro!

4/21. Stableford Individual Points – Flight 1: 1st (tie) Anne Carlson and Dang Parker (41), 2nd (tie) Debra Emerick and Moe Schoenwalder (40), 3rd (tie) Donna Smid and Shirley Brenner (39); Flight 2: 1st (tie) Karla Carrillo and Mary Billideau (39), 2nd (tie) Debbie Loch and Nancy Field (37), 3rd Barb Hanson; Flight 3: -1st Carolyn Luna (42), 2nd Jan Fletcher (41), 3rd (tie) Arne Havens, Judy Mical and Pearl Martin (39); Flight 4: 1st (tie) Donna Bailey and Lillian Look (41), 2nd Ruth Andersen (40), 3rd Nettie Dingler (38)

4/28. Best 12 Holes – Flight 1: 1st Debbie Loch (20), 2nd Cheryl Reed (22), 3rd (tie) Elsie Hagen and Lynda Smith (24); Flight 2: 1st Mary Billideau (12), 2nd Pearl Martin (20), 3rd Joyce Switzky (21); Flight 3: 1st Jan Moore (14), 2nd Lavaughn Pietz (19), 3rd (tie) Jan Fletcher and Mary Mosby (20); Flight 4: 1st Barb Rogers (13), 2nd (tie) Nettie Dingler and Ruth Andersen (17), 3rd Betty Peer (19)

5/05.-Uno-Dos-Tres-Ole! – Flight 1: 1st place team Lavaughn Pietz, Donna Smid, Shirley Brenner and Arne Havens (99), 2nd place team Debra Emerick, Ruth Anderson, Cheryl Reed and Joyce Switzky (100), 3rd place team Sarah Green, Karen Brown, Betty Reagan and Bonnie Moore (104); Flight 2: 1st place team Goldie Herberg, Chris Frazon, Carolyn Luna and Lillian Look (98), 2nd place team (tie) Dianne Hoyt, Iris Cannaday, Jacque Lingle and Betty Peer and Mary Mosby, Mary Billideau, Nancy Anderson and Linda Kalamar(104), 3rd place team (tie) Nettie Dingler, Jan Moore, Linda Ryland and Gloria Mundy and Pearl Martin, Marci Koppelmaa, Brenda Icenogle and Mary Oester (106)

June starts tee times so get your group together and pick out a tee time, add $3 per player, put it all in one envelope and put into the black box no later than noon on the Saturday before. One Tuesday a month during the summer will be shotgun so check your book for the date. If you have any questions or have not joined our league yet feel free to stop by the Pro Shop before 1:00 p.m. during the summer months.