SLCT presents Trouble at the Tropicabana – a tribute to the I Love Lucy shows

Now Ricky has some 'splainin to do!

Now Ricky has some ‘splainin to do!

In this show Lucy and Ethel make their own trouble and have lots of ‘splainin to do! Come to the show Trouble at the Tropicabana and see what trouble they get into and how they get out of it. It’s a killer; well, let’s just say it will keep you laughing!

The dinner show runs October 17-21 at the Oakwood Ballroom and October 24-25 at Sun Lakes Country Club.

Tickets go on sale September 23 for the Oakwood Show and will be sold every Tuesday and Wednesday in the Oakwood lobby and Thursdays at Cottonwood Saguaro Room lobby. They can be purchased anytime at the Sun Lakes Country Club Resource Center.

Oakwood dinner and show $30; SLCC dinner and show $28.

For information call 480-382-6290.