SLFD CAP Team hosts Open Assistance Day for flash drive owners and buyers

Brian Curry

In an enthusiastic response that has surprised even the Fire Department, the barely three month new computer medical “Flash Drive” campaign has succeeded beyond initial expectations.

“The community has instantly understood the tremendous advantage to having this as an important medical tool in a time of emergency” said SLFD Chief Paul Wilson.

The flash drive can be purchased for $5 (about cost) at the Sun Lakes Fire Department’s Station Two on Alma School Road. It plugs into your computerand is preloaded with two forms to fill out.

The first will store your pertinent medical information with essential items such as your previous history, medications, allergies and who your doctors are. The second form will be for contacts.

Betty Earp, a registered nurse and also a member of the Fire Department’s CAP team taught a class in using flash drives for medical use in the Sun Lakes New Adventures in Learning which led to the SLFD adapting it for use with their smart tablets the paramedics use on all emergency medical calls.

“Within seconds after inserting the patient’s flash drive into their tablet the paramedics can have all their accurate medical information at their fingertips”, Earp emphasized.

Introduced in October at the various Sun Lakes community open houses, the flash drives have been selling rapidly and an additional order has been placed.

A large-scale community outreach explaining the SLFD’s flash drive initiative has been largely spearheaded by CAP members Nancy Roberts and Kim Schmuck who spent time at the open houses and are now speaking to numerous Sun Lakes groups ranging from the Korean War Veterans to the Cottonwood Palo Verde security committee.

Some Sun Lakes residents, who have already purchased flash drives but are uncomfortable or unable to enter their information, or others who have been hesitant to purchase a flash drive due to not being totally confident around a computer, can be assisted at the first Open Assistance Day being hosted by members of SLFD’s Community Assistance Program.

The event will take place on Saturday, January 10 in the Mirror Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club between the hours of noon-3:00 p.m. CAP members will be there to assist and answer any questions.

If a person wants to bring either their own flash drive or purchase one at the event and have their information uploaded, CAP asks them to bring a few things. There will also be arrangements for those who want the security of having a flash drive, but do not own a computer.

Residents need to bring their own laptops and flash drives (if already purchased). They will also need to bring their medications in the original bottles and the names and phone numbers for their emergency contacts.

To make an appointment call Nancy Roberts from CAP at 419-309-2959.