SLLGA 18 Holers results

Nancy Field

Best 9 of 18

Flight 1: 1st Debra Emerick, 2nd (tie) Janet Batting and Karen Kolis, 3rd (tie) Daryl Mellafont, Moe Schoenwalder and Nicole Wadley

Flight 2: 1st Betty Ulrich, 2nd Elsie Hagen, 3rd (tie) Dang Parker, Dianne Thompson and Marylou Claypool

Flight 3: 1st Pinky Kubiak, 2nd (tie) Ingrid Jefferies, Karla Carrillo and Mary Liepold, 3rd Jeanne Nelson

Flight 4: 1st (tie) Dori Winchester and Lilian Getty, 2nd (tie) Gloria Fronk and Pat Benson, 3rd (tie) Brenda Fountain and Lavaughn Pietz

Flight 5: 1st (tie) Ariete Lima, Jeanne Miszewski and Shirley Sweeney, 2nd (tie) Catherine Lajune, Goldie Herberg, Linda Pert, Marlys McFarland and Shelby Larson, 3rd (tie) Gloria Mundy and Margot Mask

Flight 6: 1st Chris Frazon, 2nd Linda Ryland, 3rd Barbara Thompson

Low Gross

Flight 1: 1st Debra Emerick, 2nd Kim Dunn, 3rd Brenda Heyink

Flight 2: 1st Debbi Ebel, 2nd Joyce Switzky, 3rd Dang Parker

Flight 3: 1st Elsie Hagen, 2nd Barb Hanson, 3rd (tie) Pearl Martin and Pinky Kubiak

Flight 4: 1st Gloria Fronk, 2nd Elaine Donovel, 3rd Betty Reagan

Flight 5: 1st Nettie Dingler, 2nd Lavaughn Pietz, 3rd Dori Winchester

Flight 6: 1st Goldier Herberg, 2nd Sarah Green, 3rd Maryls McFarland

Flight 7: 1st Fran Stevenson, 2nd Jan Conley, 3rd Judy Cox

Sign up for the Cancer/Valentine Brunch, Auction and Tournament on February 21. Put $20.00 in your colored envelope and place it in the black box on the wall. The sign-up sheet to contribute to the brunch and to donate items for the auction is on the bulletin board. Gloria Fronk is accepting donated items at her home.