SLLGA 18 Holers results

Brenda Heyink, 2017 Club Champion

Brenda Heyink, 2017 Club Champion

Nancy Field

Club Championship:

Flight 1: 1st Daryl Mellafont, 2nd Debra Emerick, 3rd Nicole Wadley

Flight 2: 1st Janet Batting, 2nd Dang Parker, 3rd Debbie Loch

Flight 3: 1st Mary Liepold, 2nd Jan Martin, 3rd Carolyn Luna

Flight 4: 1st Ruth Benson, 2nd (tie) Iris Cannaday and Pinky Kubiak, 3rd Lilian Getty

Flight 5: 1st Judi Kilgus, 2nd Jacque Lingle, 3rd Jeanne Miszewski

Flight 6: 1st Jo Solie, 2nd (tie) Cathy Lamothe and Lillian Look, 3rd Linda Ryland

Step Aside Scramble:

1st-Place Team – Brenda Heyink, Lavaughn Pietz, Judi Kilgus, Tricia Colombe

2nd-Place Team – Lynda Smith, Elaine Donovel, J.M., Curly Ferris

3rd-Place Team (tie) Daryl Mellafont, Diane Gross, Jacque Lingle, Cathy Dunn and Kelly Dennis, Pearl Martin, Goldie Herberga

Low Gross/Ringer:

Flight 1: 1st Brenda Heyink, 2nd Kim Dunn, 3rd Nicole Wadley

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Julie Hamlin, Lynda Smith, 2nd Moe Schoenwalder, 3rd (tie) Dang Parker, Janet Batting

Flight 3: 1st (tie) Barb Hanson, Carolyn Luna, Karla Carrillo, 2nd (tie) Joyce Switzky, Shirley Brenner, 3rd (tie) Dianne Thompson, Gloria Fronk, Jan Martin, Jeanne Nelson

Flight 4: 1st Valerie Mcdonald, 2nd Pearl Martin, 3rd Lavaughn Pietz

Flight 5: 1st Goldie Herberg, 2nd Arne Havens, 3rd (tie) Dori Winchester, Lillian Look, Gloria Mundy

Flight 6: 1st Barb Rogers, 2nd Curly Ferris, 3rd (tie) Fran Stevenson, Ruth Anderson

Guys and Gals Derby Results: 1st Brent Billideau and Jeanne Nelson, 2nd Paul Rochelle and Kim Dunn, 3rd Scott Torgeson and Janet Batting Congratulations to all the guys and dolls who qualified for the derby. The month of May continues with 11:30 a.m. shotgun, except for the second Tuesday when the start time will be 8:30 a.m. Starting in June, it will be regular tee times.