SLLGA 18 Holers results

Hippie Day with Audrey Rich, Chris Frazon, Barb Rogers, Jean Jones and Brenda Icenogle

Hippie Day with Audrey Rich, Chris Frazon, Barb Rogers, Jean Jones and Brenda Icenogle

Nancy Field

1st Place Team – Brenda Heyink, Nancy Field, Lavaughn Pietz

2nd Place Team – (tie) Lynda Smith, Valerie Mcdonald, Judi Kilgus, Janet Jackson and Donna Smid, Lilian Getty, Catherine Lajune, Donna Jones and Debbie Loch, Mary Liepold, Linda Hillyard, Margot Mask

3rd Place Team – Nicole Wadley, Diane Grosse, Ingrid Jefferies, Jan Conley

Men’s & Ladies Home & Home:

1st Place Team – (tie) Joe Schoenwalder, Don Grosse, Judy Wegener, Dori Winchester and Dick Schroeder, Lannie Lingle, Marylou Claypool, Jan Conley

2nd Place Team – Tom McNulty, Rusty Schaefer, Joyce Switzky, Diane Grosse

3rd Place Team – (tie) Chuck Lingle, Ed Carrillo, Betty Reagan, Barb Hanson and Ron Mandt Jr, Jerry Dean, Pearl Martin, Goldie Herberg

Beat the Pro – the Ladies who beat the Pro are Moe Schoenwalder, Catherine Lajune, Barb Hanson, Betty Ulrich, Pinky Kubiak, Iris Cannaday, Barb Rogers, Betty Reagan, Chris Frazon, Dori Winchester, Judi Kilgus, Julie Hamlin, Shirley Brenner, Goldie Herberg, Judy Wegener, Marlys Mcfarland, Betty Peer, Brigette Charles, Nancy Anderson, Anne Carlson, Donna Jones, Valerie Mcdonald, Donna Smid, Jan Conley

Low Grosse:

Flight 1: 1st Place Donna Smid, 2nd Place Debra Emerick, 3rd Place Judy Wegener

Flight 2: 1st Place (tie) Julie Hamlin, Marci Koppelmaa; 2nd Place (tie) Iris Cannaday, Jeanne Nelson; 3rd Place Valerie Mcdonald

Flight 3: 1st Place Judi Kilgus, 2nd Place Dori Winchester, 3rd Place Pat Benson

Flight 4: 1st Place Gloria Mundy, 2nd Place Catherine Lajune, 3rd Place Shirley Sweeney

Flight 5: 1st Place Barb Rogers, 2nd Place Jan Conley, 3rd Place Donna Jones

Starting in June, Tuesdays will have tee times. Fill out a request with your name and time you would like to play, add $3.00 and put in a plain white envelope and have it in the box on Saturday. Summer League at Palo Verde is in June; check the bulletin board for details. Sweat Hog Party is August 15. Mark your calendar so you don’t miss this fun event.