SLLGA 18 Holers results

Nancy Field

Low Putts:

Flight 1 – 1st Marci Koppelmaa, 2nd Joyce Switzky, 3rd (tie) Kelly Dennis and Pinky Kubiak

Flight 2 – 1st Shirley Brenner, 2nd Jan Fletcher, 3rd (tie) Betty Peer, Donna Jones and Judi Kilgus

Blind Partner:

1st Dang Parker and Donna Smid, 2nd Marci Koppelmaa and Kelly Dennis, 3rd Debbie Martin and Debra Emerick

Non-Water Holes:

Flight 1 – 1st Julie Hamlin, 2nd Marci Koppelmaa, 3rd (tie) Debra Emerick and Kelly Dennis

Flight 2 – 1st Sarah Green, 2nd Judi Kilgus, 3rd Dori Winchester, J.M.

Even Holes:

Flight 1 – 1st Kelly Dennis, 2nd (tie) Donna Smid and Marci Koppelmaa, 3rd Jan Fletcher

Flight 2 – 1st Sarah Green, 2nd Shirley Sweeney, 3rd (tie) Catherine Lajune and Donna Jones

The golf course will open on Monday, November 13. November 14 will be a shotgun start at 8:30 a.m. A meeting with election of officers will follow golf. Karen Kolis and Marci Koppelmaa will run for co-president, and Jeanne Nelson for treasurer.

Make sure you have your money in for Tuesday golf by noon on Saturday, November 11. $45.00 dues for next year are due November 1 and overdue December 1.