SLLGA 18 holers results

Nancy Field

Low Gross:

Flight 1: 1st Nicole Wadley, 2nd Daryl Mellafont, 3rd Christine Schultz; Flight 3: 1st Pinky Kubiak, 2nd Dori Winchester, 3rd Betty Place, Cheryl Reed; Flight 2: 1st Marylou Claypool, 2nd Carolyn Luna, 3rd Betty Ulrich; Flight 4: 1st Elaine Donovel, 2nd Jan Fletcher, 3rd Joyce Switzky; Flight 5: 1st (tie) Sandi Frantzen, Sharon Elliott, 2nd (tie) Candy Bain, J.M., 3rd (tie) Arne Havens, Cheryl Bunch, Goldie Herberg; Flight 6: 1st Jacque Lingle, 2nd (tie) Ariete Lima, Margot Mask, 3rd Sarah Green; Flight 7: 1st Cathy Lamothe, 2nd Barb Rogers, 3rd (tie) Donna Jones, Ruth Andersen

2 Person team 2 Week Low Net:

Flight 1: 1st Jeanne Nelson and Elsie Hagen, 2nd Debbi Ebel and Betty Ulrich, 3rd Janet Batting and Donna Smid; Flight 2: 1st Sandi Frantzen and Diane Grosse, 2nd Jeanie Fehringer and Ingrid Jefferies, 3rd Dori Winchester and Pinky Kubiak

Low Gross:

Flight 1: 1st Brenda Heyink, 2nd Daryl Mellafont, 3rd Karen Kolis; Flight 2: 1st Debra Emerick, 2nd Janet Batting, 3rd Donna Smid; Flight 3: 1st Debbi Ebel, 2nd Betty Ulrich, 3rd Gloria Fronk; Flight 4: 1st Betty Reagan, 2nd (tie) Iris Cannaday, Lilian Getty, 3rd (tie) Alexa Bourne, Joyce Switzky; Flight 5: 1st Ingrid Jefferies, 2nd Catherine Lajune, 3rd (tie) Arne Haven, J.M.; Flight 6: 1st Rosemarie Berry, 2nd (tie) Goldie Herberg, Sharon Elliott, 3rd Margot Mask; Flight 7: 1st Chris Frazon, 2nd (tie) Cathy Lamothe, Curly Ferris, 3rd Donna Bailey, Lillian Look; Flight 8: 1st Donna Jones, 2nd Fran Stevenson, 3rd Jan Conley

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