SLLGA 18 Holers results

Nancy Field

Congratulations to the Women Derby Winners: 1st Nicole Wadley, 2nd Cheryl Reed, and 3rd Karen Brown.

2/23. Wet Holes-Low Net – Flight 1: 1st Moe Schoenwalder, 2nd Lynda Smith, 3rd Cheryl Reed; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Debbie Loch and Joyce Switzky, 2nd (tie) Mary Billideau and Shirley Brenner, 3rd Anne Carlson; Flight 3: 1st Elaine Donovel, 2nd (tie) Arne Havens and Valerie McDonald, 3rd (tie) Audrey Rich, Jan Fletcher and Jan Martin; Flight 4: 1st Debbie Martin, 2nd Pat Benson, 3rd (tie) Jacque Lingle, Jeanie Fehringer and Pearl Martin; Flight 5: 1st Betty Peer, 2nd Linda Ryland, 3rd (tie) Lavaughn Pietz and Lillian Look; Flight 6: 1st Barb Rogers, 2nd Chris Frazon, 3rd (tie) Janet Jackson, Linda Peart and Ruth Anderson

3/01. Low Gross – Flight 1: 1st Nicole Wadley, 2nd Cheryl Reed, 3rd Dang Parker; Flight 2: 1st Mary Billideau, 2nd (tie) Betty Ulrich and Daryl Mellafont, 3rd Place-Karla Carrillo; Flight 3: 1st Debbie Loch, 2nd Jan Fletcher, 3rd (tie) Barb Hanson and Carolyn Luna; Flight 4: 1st Valerie Mcdonald, 2nd (tie) Gloria Fronk and Jeanie Fehringer, 3rd (tie) Gail Lerette and Pearl Martin; Flight 5: 1st M.J. Clement, 2nd Margot Mask, 3rd Jacque Lingle; Flight 6: 1st Gloria Mundy, 2nd Linda Ryland, 3rd Dori Winchester; Flight 7: 1st Jo Solie, 2nd (tie) Barb Rogers and Linda Peart, 3rd Cathy Lamothe

3/08. Scramble: 1st place team: Nicole Wadley, Judi Kilgus, Marlys Mcfarland and Tricia Colombe, 2nd place team: (tie) Barb Hansen, Shirley Sweeney and Dori Winchester and Ruth Benson, Shirley Brenner and Sarah Green, 3rd place team: (tie) Marylou Claypool, Valerie Mcdonald, Gail Lerette and Nancy Anderson and Dang Parker, Jan Martin, Shelby Larson and Jackie Sakamoto

Along with our Valentine Tournament we had a cancer research fundraiser and we were able to donate $2000 to the University of Arizona Cancer Research Program. In April we will have our Spring Fling and one week the golfers have a chance to beat the pro. That is a challenge that the ladies love. Keep an eye on the bulletin board for all activities. Make sure you have your $3 in your white envelope and in the box by noon on Saturday.