SLLGA 18 Holes results

Nancy Field

15 of 18

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Jan Fletcher, Judy Wegener, Karen Kolis, Kelly Dennis; 2nd (tie) Marci Koppelmaa, Pinky Kubiak, Shirley Brenner; 3rd (tie) Debra Emerick, Iris Cannaday, Julie Hamlin

Flight 2: 1st Tricia Colombe; 2nd Debbie Martin; 3rd (tie) Jean Jones, Judi Kilgus, J.M.


1st Place Team – Judy Wegener, Marylou Claypool, Pat Benson

2nd Place Team – Kelly Dennis, Dori Winchester, Barb Rogers

3rd Place Team – Karen Kolis, Linda Ryland, J.M.

Odd Holes

Flight 1: 1st Dang Parker; 2nd (tie) Debra Emerick, Judy Wegener; 3rd (tie) Donna Smid, Karen Kolis, Marci Koppelmaa, Shirley Brenner

Flight 2: 1st Jean Jones; 2nd Pat Benson; 3rd (tie) Iris Cannaday, Judi Kilgus, Nancy Field

3-2-1 Waltz

1st Place Team – Karen Kolis, Linda Ryland, Debbie Martin

2nd Place Team – Jacque Lingle, Jan Fletcher, Shirley Brenner, Dori Winchester

3rd Place Team – Kelly Dennis, Debra Emerick, Julie Hamlin

Congratulations to Donna Smid for her hole-in-one at Palo Verde during the summer league tournament.

The golf course will be closed from Monday, October 23, to November 12 for overseeding. It will open again on Monday, November 13. November 14 will be a shotgun start at 8:30 a.m. A meeting with election of officers will follow golf. Put $3.00 in the white envelope with your name on it and have your money in by noon on Saturday, November 11. Check the bulletin board in October for information on the Awards Banquet on November 2.