SLLGA July golf results


Kimberly Myers

Hope all golfers are enjoying their summer play and having fun. Soon it will be cool breezes and 80-degree temps. The unfortunate part is you will have to travel from Sun Lakes to get them. For now, endure!

July Stats:

July 4 Flag Tournament: 1st Marci Koppelmaa, 2nd Iris Cannaday, 3rd Cat LaJune, 4th Uni Foster

July 10 Better Nine – Flight 1: 1st Judi Kilgus, 2nd Joyce Switzky, 3rd (tie) Donna Smid, Dori Winchester, Marci Koppelmaa, Julie Hamlin, Iris Cannaday; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Catherine Lajune, Patricia Colombe, 3rd Cathy Dunn, 4th Janice Dahl

July 17 Non-Water Holes – Flight 1: 1st Judi Kilgus, 2nd Joyce Switsky, 3rd Kelly Dennis, 4th Donna Smid; Flight 2: 1st Catherine Lajune, 2nd (tie) Mary Eberle, Linda Ryland, 4th (tie) Jacque Lingle, Linda Kalamar, Judi Mical, Betty Peer

July 24 Low Net – Flight 1: Karen Kolis, 2nd (tie) Kelly Dennis, Debra Emerick, Marci Koppelmaa, 4th Judi Kilgus; Flight 2: 1st Mary Eberle, 2nd Sarah Green, 3rd Chris Frazon, 4th Janice Dahl

July 31 Red, White & Blue: 1st (tie) Betty Reagan, Kelly Dennis, Iris Cannaday, 4th (tie) Judy Wegener, Karen Brown; Flight 2: 1st Linda Kalamar, 2nd Janice Dahl, 3rd Sarah Green, 4th Chris Frazon