SLLGA May results

Judy Wegener

SLLGA kicked off May with 3 Clubs and a Putter.

Time to pick your partner! Two weeks of Match Play was made more challenging by blustery winds and unseasonably cooler weather. This did not deter Uni Foster who holed out on #3 for her first hole-in-one.

Game Results:

3 Clubs and a Putter 5/7/19:

Flight 1: 1st Brigette Charles, 2nd Judy Wegener, 3rd Lynda Smith; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Terrie Schramm and Iris Cannady, 3rd (tie) Gloria Fronk, Julie Hamlin, Jan Fletcher and Alexa Bourne; Flight 3: 1st Diane Grosse, 2nd (tie) Betty Reagan, Jan Conley and Margot Mask; Flight 4: 1st Goldie Herberg, 2nd Sarah Green, 3rd Donna Jones

Team Match Play 5/14/19 and 5/21/19:

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Judy Wegener and Nancy O’Donnell, Marci Koppelmaa and Moe Schoenwalder; 2nd (tie) Debra Emerick and Kelly Dennis, Lynda Smith and Jan Fletcher; 3rd Cat LaJune and Betty Reagan; Flight 2: 1st Pat Benson and Barb Rogers, 2nd Dori Winchester and Jan Conley, 3rd Candy Bain and Judy Mical

Roll the Dice 5/28/19: 1st Kelly Dennis, Terrie Schramm, Pat Benson and Linda Ryland; 2nd Lynda Smith, Judy Bray, Jacque Lingle and Sarah Green; 3rd Marylou Claypool, Joyce Switzky, Judy Mical and Uni Foster